About Us

We are a Czech company, whose priority is to sell amber from the Baltic Sea, Czech grenade mostly Turnovski, but we also have an offer of Mexican turquoise, as well as various corals, Perla from Mallorca. All models are finished with 925 Silver.
We have an offer of distributed amber products in combination with gilded silver.

In our collection we have a new offer, made of linen scarves, dresses, tunics for dressing and a large tablecloth for the table, a smaller tablecloth for the table and bags, and a backpack. All models are painted (canvas art) by top painters, such as
– Claude Monet
– Egon Schiele
– Vinsent Vilem van Gog

For all products we have a guarantee (certificate) that they are originals


„Многу пакети со издавачи на десктоп и уредници на веб-страници сега го користат Лорем Ипсум како нивна стандардна потрага по модел за еволуирана понекогаш случајно, понекогаш со намера“